Wireworks diGi8 G-Block AES/EBU Component Cabling is the only AES/EBU line of cabling components which feature the world's most tried and trusted multipin, quick disconnect connectors. Designed around the Wireworks G-Block connectors, Wireworks AES/EBU cabling components will withstand the abuse that they will meet on the road.

diGi8 AES/EBU Components include, diGi8 Trunks, diGi8 MiniStageBoxes, diGi8 Fanouts and both diGi8 Digital and Analog Adapters.  diGi8 Trunk cables are able to be simply connected, either singly or in a chain, so short or long cable runs can be configured to meet varying system and venue needs. The diGi8 Cable Trunks terminate at each end with a Wireworks G-Block connector and are available in convenient standard lengths of 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 125, 150, 200 and 250 ft. with other lengths to order.

diGi8 MiniStageBoxes have 8 connectors on one side (all male, all female or 4 male and 4 female XLRs or 8 TRS) and the truly robust G-Block connector on the other side. This unusually small package allows the widest variety of uses. By providing the diGi8 MiniStageBox with a Wireworks G-Block connector, the diGi8 Trunk cables and diGi8 Fanouts are able to be connected to meet varying system and venue needs. 

diGi8 Fanouts simplify termination to your equipment and are available in a variety of configurations. Either male or female Wireworks G-Block connectors with eight tough color coded tails are terminated with XLR or TRS connectors.

Because the diGi8 system operates independently of any digital or analog wiring complications, the diGi8 Digital and Analog Adapters allow interfacing to either of these standards. With either a male or female G-Series connector terminating one end of the eight channel AES/EBU cable, the other end terminates in a DB25 connector. Both digital wired and analog wired Adaptors are available. This makes plugging into your equipment a breeze.

By mixing-and-matching the different diGi8 components, systems of varying lengths and facility can easily be configured to suit all your AES/EBU needs.

  • True 110 high speed. low loss, rugged, crush-resistant jacketed cable with full size conductors to guard against damage from abuse or hard wear
  • Unique mini-stagebox can be used on the floor, mounted to a wall  or easily rack mounted
  • Neutrik Black/Gold XLRs and Black/Gold TRS connectors
  • Heavy duty G-Block connectors with gold contacts for superior electrical performance
  • All Fanouts are color coded, flex-wrapped for instant and easy identification and extreme durability
  • All AES/EBU assemblies can be used in both digital and analog applications
  • MMBR Rack Adaptor provides for rack mounting two MiniStageBox or MiniLineBox breakouts