Wireworks MMB8D Cabling System is the only full line of cabling products utilizing AES/EBU components designed specifically to meet the exacting needs of the audio professional in both the digital and analog domains.

The MMB8D cabling system consists of the unique MMB8D MiniStageBox and MMLB8D MiniLineBox, DB25 Trunks and the convenient MMBR Rack Adapter for the MMB8D and MMLB8D boxes.

All products in the MMB8D Cabling System use true AES/EBU 110 ohm rugged jacketed cable and all the connectors have strong metal bodies and gold contacts for superior electrical connections.

  • Built to provide road-tough durability for the uncompromising professional
  • Designed to provide convenience and simplicity for AES/EBU cabling needs
  • Offers all heavy duty AES/EBU 110 ohm cabling throughout
  • Uniquely designed steel boxes for the MMB8D and MMLB8D products
  • Manufactured using only high durability components & full size conductors in the cables and metal body connectors with gold contacts
  • Created to provide wide flexibility for easy system reconfiguration
  • All Neutrik XLR and TRS black/gold connectors
  • Offers choice of digital or analog wiring
  • Backed up by Wireworks lifetime warranty